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Natural Cold and Cough Remedies for Pregnancy

What do you do when you feel a cold coming on during pregnancy? Aside from lots of water, rest, and a healthy diet. There are many safe and natural remedies for colds during pregnancy. Here’s a list to keep handy just in case you get sick. Bonus: Homemade cough drop recipe.

Garlic- Daily consumption of garlic supplements can reduce the chance of getting a cold by over 60%.

Apple Cider Vinegar- Illnesses can’t thrive in alkaline environments. It also contains good bacteria which helps to fight off infection. I like to mix mine in a warm cup of water with honey and lemon. Or you can gargle with ACV.

Honey- Raw, local honey is antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiseptic. Take 1 tsp. three times a day.

Lemon- Antibacterial. Also helps alkalinize the body. Rich in vitamin C. Take two lemons, juice and add to a quart Mason jar. Add filtered water and 1 TB of raw honey and a dash of sea salt for added minerals. Drink throughout day.

Elderberry Syrup- It’s an immune booster which can help speed up recovery.

Coconut Oil- Antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal. You can eat a spoon full of it or put it in a cup of hot tea.

Homemade Bone Broth- Rich in minerals that support the immune system and contains healing compounds like collagen, glutamine, glycine and proline.

Vitamins and Minerals- Vitamin D, A, and C, zinc and selenium.

Homemade Cough Drop Recipe

1/2 cup of organic coconut oil

1/2 cup organic (local if possible) honey

1tsp cinnamon or 1 drop of thieves oil

Mix everything together, place in mini ice cube tray or make into little balls

Put in the freezer for about 20min and then store in an airtight container in the fridge

They are also great in a hot cup of tea!

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