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From Sleep Issues to Digestion Problems. Signs That Your Baby Needs to See a Chiropractor.

As adults we all know that regular Chiropractor care can be highly beneficial. Our central nervous system controls everything. Think of your spine as a foundation of a home holding everything in its place. As beautiful as the birth process is, an estimated 60-90 lbs. of force is applied to a baby’s neck during a “normal” birth. There are other factors to take into consideration such as, intrauterine growth restrictions, malpositioning (breech baby), interventions during birth such as the use of forceps, or the need for cesarean (c-section). All of which can cause a infant to become misaligned.

Chiropractor care for infants is especially gentle. Be sure to find a Chiropractor that specializes in babies and children and one that has received a Certification in Chiropractic Pediatrics (CICCP).

Latching Difficulties

The atlas is the top bone in the neck. If it is misaligned it can cause the baby to only be able to turn their head to one side. Making it difficult to latch on one side compared to the other.


Every mom who’s ever had a colicky baby knows just how frustrated and exhausted it can make you feel. Recent studies have found that 94% of colicky babies have shown improvement with chiropractic care.

Sleep Issues

Some babies can be misaligned to the point of discomfort, making it hard for them to sleep. When misalignments cause movement restrictions it can create tension in their spinal cords.

Excessive Spitting Up

Many babies have misalignments in the area of the spine where the diaphragm attaches. When this area becomes restricted it can impact the diaphragm or the esophagus, causing babies to spit up even more than usual. *Please be sure to also discuss common allergies with your Chiropractor.

Is Chiropractic Safe?

The chiropractic approach to health care is natural. It does not try to stimulate or inhibit normal body function. Instead, the chiropractor addresses the important relationship between the nervous system and underlying issues. In light of this, your Chiropractor may be the best doctor to help your child improve his or her health.

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